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Below are frequently asked questions regarding CDS home healthcare. Again, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.

Q: What is CDS Services?

A: CDS (Consumer Directed Services) is a program that provides non-medical assistance with activities  of daily living such as, cleaning, cooking, bathing, transportation, medication reminders, etc. To     individuals who qualify 

Q: Do I automatically qualify for CDS services if I have Medicaid?

A: No. First you must pass an over the phone pre- screening. Once you pass the prescreening, a            second face-to-face prescreening has to be done to determine if you qualify for services. Once you       are qualified, state will start your care plan.    

Q: Who picks and hires the caregiver?

A: The Consumer/Client is responsible for choosing, hiring, managing, and firing their caregiver. 

Q: What are the qualifications for CDS services? 

A: The participant must be 18 year or older, have active Medicaid, able to direct their own care, and       be physically disabled.  

Q: What are the qualifications for the caregiver/attendant?

A:  The attendant must be 18 years or older, family or friend (excluding spouse), Clean background  check, and registered with the family care safety registry. If you aren't registered with can assist with       that.

Q: If I have a spend down will I be able to receive CDS?

A: Yes, but your spend down will have to be paid for your Medicaid to continue to be active. If your spend down isn’t paid your Medicaid becomes inactive until it’s paid and your CDS services will be suspended until the spend down is paid. 

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